The technology landscape changes with new innovations and solutions. With Web3 making advances, we are noticing a rather rapid shift. The NFT boom of 2021 is one of the many testaments to this fact. Innovators are putting their weight behind mega projects with the potential to appeal to the masses, such as metaverse, gaming, and Defi. Others are venturing into blockchain’s application in other sectors, such as health.

With the initiation of countless projects, there is an increase in demand for talent. The increase in jobs is not matched by the quality of talent available in the market. The shortage is across a variety of roles. Blockchain developers, for example, are among the most high-in-demand roles in the space, yet the dearth of talent is a massive challenge for recruiters. This is an opportunity for younger talent to dominate an industry in its infancy.

What Do You Need to Know about the Web3 Job Market?

While the dearth of talent is a problem for projects entering or scaling in the space, it is an opportunity for early career professionals to break into an industry that is evolving at a rapid pace. Although technical roles require a vast knowledge base about Web3 technologies, most non-tech roles demand skills and value instead.

In both cases, employers are tweaking their criteria for hiring by opening roles with training and development opportunities. According to a survey by Work in Crypto Global, only 25% of experienced candidates are interested in working in the space. This is an inlet for inexperienced candidates to take up roles. The Web3 industry is relatively new; your skill and talent matter more than years of professional experience.

The avenues to find a job in Web3 today are increasing by the day. Some available platforms are individual efforts to serve the community. However, we are seeing an increase in specialized job boards coming to the front to connect talent and companies in the space.

Why Should You Choose Crypto Jobs to Fast-track Your Search?

As someone new to the industry, proper planning and guidance is necessary. Crypto projects are mostly location agnostic, allowing you to work with people across the globe. However, it also becomes difficult to do background checks to determine the legitimacy of a company. If you choose to register with a reliable job board, you can reduce such risks and apply for roles with ease. Besides avoiding scams, it can be a valuable resource for candidates. Here are three reasons why you should choose Crypto Jobs for finding your first big opportunity in the Web3 space.

Learning Experience

In collaboration with subject matter experts to deliver accurate, relevant, and actionable career guidelines, Crypto Jobs offers an excellent pathway for newbies in the space. The company makes it easier for candidates to understand the dynamics of the industry through a user-friendly platform that has all the information for the utmost guidance of the candidates.

Find Reputable Companies to Work With

As a newbie, your exposure to companies in the space is limited. You can browse through Crypto Jobs employment portal to find out which companies are actively hiring, where they are based and what they are building, etc. If you find a good opportunity, you can prepare better with the relevant information. You can match your skills and interests with the right project. In this way, you can improve your chances of getting hired.

More Visibility with Application Processing

The job search can be time-consuming, as candidates often do not get a response to their applications. Crypto Jobs aims to bring a noticeable change to the application process. With the mailbox feature on the website, talents can even directly check with the companies about the status of their applications. This can be a great relief for talents who would otherwise remain completely unsure about the status of their job applications.

Take your First Step Toward a Rewarding Career Trajectory

Web3 job market currently has a high demand and a significant shortage of talent. The growth prospects and learning opportunities are unique in Web3. Beginners in the industry looking for a role can consider joining the space and have a rewarding journey ahead. The industry is relatively new and informal. Crypto Jobs is on a mission to transform how people find jobs in the Web3 space. Committed to serving the community, the project aims to facilitate talents and companies with the finest services. Register here to get started.